The doctor says you have a ruptured disc. What do you do?

A patient came to me with a question.  Their MD said they had a ruptured disc and recommended shots, many medications, physical therapy, and finally surgery.  This is what I said…

A ruptured disc can cause shooting pains and numbness/tingling in the legs.  Severe cases can cause leg muscle weakness, weak bladder, and weak bowels.  The pills and shots are used as anti inflammatory and pain killers.  The physical therapy will strengthen the spine.  The question no one has answered is why?  Let’s trace back a few steps.  When a spine gets misaligned it eats and rots the disc.  The disc can no longer hold the jelly center in and the disc ruptures.  Put simply, you need to get the spine lined up.  Stabalize the spine and limit your exposure to the cause of the alignment.  If you ever need more guidance please call our office at 303.254.8430.


Dr. Ray

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