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Would you like to improve your overall health? Would you like to reduce muscle tension? Would you like to be less dependent on medication to eliminate pain? How about a LIFETIME of health and wellness? You can have that too!

Chiropractic Plus is a full service family chiropractic facility in Thornton, CO, specializing in health and wellness development and resolution of neck, back and other spinal disorders. For over 27 years, we work with our people to address short- and long-term problems. We provide the information and action you need to make decisions regarding your care, especially when those decisions can change your life.

Take action now to begin the fresh start you deserve by calling us today at 303-254-8430 or by filling out our online EASY CONTACT FORM for a free case wellness examination with one of of our professional physicians at Chiropractic Plus.

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Chiropractic Plus provides patients with quality chiropractic treatment in the Colorado Metro Area. At Chiropractic Plus, we strive to restore health no matter what the cause.


Restore the functions of your body to optimum wellness. Learn about our chiropractic facility . . . more


Chiropractic Plus is a full-service health provider helping injury victims following an accident . . . more


Back pain can strike after a specific accident or might stem from years of minor injuries. When you feel pain . . . more


The most common thing seen in our office is damage to the nerve system . . . more


Neck pain can show up for a variety of reasons. It may be related to a specific event or accident or . . . more


Here at Chiropractic Plus we take the hassle out of insurance. We take care of the insurance billing for you . . .more


Chiropractic Plus is a Certified Auto Accident ProviderWe can help you with ALL INSURANCE claims . . . more


At Chiropractic Plus, we are specialist in subluxation diagnosis, prevention and repair . . . more
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How can we help you get better faster?

No other treatment can improve the health and proper function of your body the way chiropractic care can. Typically, when your spine and nerve system breaks down your body gives you signals that compromise your health and your ability to perform.

WE focus on getting to the CAUSE your problem. When you get to the cause, the solution is right at hand. It’s just this simple. If the cause of your pain was a pebble in your shoe, should you take medications to feel better? Should you take shots to make you feel better? Or should you take out the pebble? The answer is simple once you get to the CAUSE. Let us find out the cause of your problem and get you better. Contact Chiropractic Plus for those answers.

Our team is dedicated to your health. The care we give provides relief and stability to address the underlying cause and increase your overall health.



The more you understand about your body and what causes stress and injury, the more committed you become to improving your health. Our office believes in teaching you the best ways to achieve optimal health.

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You are never too young or too old to enjoy good health. Let us to serve you and your family in achieving your health goals. Contact us at 303-254-8430 to learn how Chiropractic Plus restores your health.

We proudly service Thornton, Westminster, Northglenn, Broomfield, Commerce City, and the surrounding areas in the Denver Metro Area

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