Why Starving Yourself to Lose Weight Does NOT Work

Your body needs food for energy. If you are starving yourself to lose weight, your body will be lacking in the energy it needs. At that point your body will find other ways of getting that energy. In a perfect world your body would start burning fat for energy, although, this not the case for most individuals consuming the average American diet.
When you skip meals your body will start to burn the muscle for energy before it uses the fat. When you starve the human body it begins to store fat because it’s not sure when the next meal will come. This goes back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors who had to store fat because of their inconsistent eating habits.
It may seem counter intuitive that not eating will actually cause you to gain weight over time. This is because skipping meals not only tells your body to store fat but it also slows your metabolism. If you want to put your body in a fat burning state, you actually need to eat often and consistently. Studies have shown that eating 5 small meals throughout the day causes your body to burn fat faster as well as increasing your metabolism. This is due to the body knowing that another meal is coming soon, so it is more willing to let go of any excess rather than storing it for a “rainy day.”
If your goal is to lose excess weight it would be a good idea to pick up some grass fed whey protein. Start by having a protein shake in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will immediately notice that you are not as hungry as you usually are when the next meal comes around. Once you get used to that, if you are still trying to lose more weight- try dropping down to two meals and increase to three protein shakes.
At this point you are consistently giving your body nutrients and it will begin to transform your metabolism. If the weight isn’t coming off fast enough- ELIMINATE SUGAR! Not only will this help with losing weight but also, sugar is a main cause of almost every disease. That should be motivation enough to drop sugar from your diet.
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