Customized Nutritional Programs

Here at Chiropractic Plus a major part of the PLUS has to do with the creation and development of a nutritional program custom to your needs.

While most people today see the need for enhanced nutritional supplementation, there is much conflicting information which leaves most people paralyzed into taking no actions at all. Worse, you find yourself in a Vitamin store, and the kid across the counter, tries to sell you on what hot this week, and has no clue to your unique nutritional needs or values. Adequate nutrition is a key to longevity, vitality, energy and a healthy happy life. Chiropractic Plus provides a unique program which first tests your specific needs, then based upon that testing makes specific recommendations which are unique to you.

Perhaps you need a detoxification prior to any supplementation program or maybe your focus is sports nutrition. Maybe you just want to be as healthy as you can be. Nutrition plays a major role in all patient wellness, but the wrong recommendation because of misinformation can destroy any attempts you have made to in achievement of your goals.

Anti-aging is a hot new item in nutrition and with the help of the “Bio Impedance Assessment” we can analyze your specific nutritional needs and get you started on the track to improved health that can give you back your youthful step.

Customized Nutritional Programs

What will be tested? We will test your

  1.  Toxicity: If your system is clogged up, no amount of vitamin supplementation will help. The nutrients will simply not be absorbed.
  2. Your Body Mass Index and your Body fat, and develop a plan to give you back your lean muscular look
  3.  Your body water. Most people may think they are drinking adequate water, but is the water being absorbed? Worse, is the water being absorbed into the wrong area of your body? Simple testing can provide an answer.
  4. Your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. Is your thermostat set too low or too high, making it impossible to maintain or lose weight? Testing provides the answer.
  5. And the list goes on…

Our Nutritional Supplementation program is second to none and can provide you with a customized and detailed break-down of all your unique and personal nutritional supplementation needs. Through a multi-faceted and in depth analysis of your nutritional profile we can determine your needs and update them as you move into a better lifestyle and continue on your journey towards wellness.

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