Here is a one-of-a-kind program available at Chiropractic Plus that insures patients have the best in core strength, flexibility, and agility.  We call the program the MUSCLE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM.

The Muscular Management Program is the best of any pre and post-injury management program bar none

The following pages will introduce you to the program, as well as explain the step-by step process used to give you, the patient, the best form of exercise needed for your current level of fitness.  This will move you forward in achievement of peak performance in all areas of your life.  This will be accomplished if you are new to exercise or have an extensive background in the fitness arena.

The exercise portion of the structural management program has been a part of the Chiropractic Plus office for more than 2 decades.  The success of the muscle management program is due to the cost-effectiveness of the program; the general format of the program and the simplicity in which the program is can be integrated into even the busiest of lifestyles.

The program includes focused attention with a muscle management trainer.  The MUSCULAR MANAGEMENT PROGRAM at Chiropractic Plus provided a unique opportunity for patients to integrate rehabilitative exercises as a key component to guide a person to a better quality of life.

Once enrolled in the program, the training sessions consist of instructional stretching, proper body mechanics, and physician approved exercise techniques, appropriate for the patients needs.  Between these sessions, the patient is encouraged to workout independently.

We want to help ensure that the patient is taking an active role in an exercise program that is both challenging and beneficial in the rehabilitation of the condition.

The process to set up patients on the MUSCULAR MANAGEMENT PROGRAM couldn’t be simpler!

  • The patient chooses the length of time for the program either 6-months or 12- months
  • The patient and the muscular management trainer will complete a patient information questionnaire
  • The patient and the muscular management trainer will also complete a series of physical tests to determine the fitness level of the patient.
  •  Finally a proposed exercise program will be presented indicating the recommended exercises.  The program is based upon the physical limitations of the patient and the limitations noted by Dr. Ray.

The success rate seen here at Chiropractic Plus is due to the dedication of the staff, and their commitment to your success.  This is only one part of a complete picture, which insures the outcomes you desire.

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