Heart Health and the truth about Cholesterol

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To the left are four images of human hearts, each one under a different circumstance. Which one do you think yours most closely resembles? If you are too scared to even think about that question you may want to keep reading.

The human heart is a muscle, and like other muscles in our body it needs to be exercised in order to stay healthy. If you don’t exercise your heart it may end up looking most like the picture in the top right- covered in a thick layer of fat. Imagine if this was your heart, how well do you think it would? Better yet, how long do you think it can keep working?

Take Preventative steps for a Healthy Heart

People who don’t watch what they eat and refuse to exercise may not always look unhealthy. As you can tell from the heart in the bottom left- looks can be deceiving. When cancer is the size of a pea- you cant feel it, but if you could see your heart then you would know something is not right. You may look healthy on the outside but what if skin was transparent? Would your heart and other vital organs look healthy or stressed and discolored?

We are unable to look at our hearts this way without opening our chests. This is why it is so important to take preventative measures like proper nutrition and an appropriate amount of exercise to ensure that your organs are healthy.


Its not the boogeyman our medical system has taught us. In fact it’s required for so much in the body. It’s mind boggling why the medical system thinks we need to decrease the amount of something in our bodies when it is used for just about everything. Learn more by watching the videos below. Dr. Ray of Chiropractic Plus explains why we need cholesterol and how you can take better care of your heart. Pay attention and take notes, it could save your life!



If you would like to learn more about heart health and would like to speak with Dr. Ray in person click here.

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