Health and Wellness Event Seminar

At this free event seminar Dr. Ray of Chiropractic Plus in Thornton, Colorado discusses overall health and wellness and how optimal health is achieved. Everyone is on their own health journey and we each require something different to reach optimal health. Although this may be true, Corrective Chiropractic Care is needed to maximize the effects of everything else we are doing to stay healthy. Dr. Ray focuses on the 5 essentials to good health and although we each need to focus on all 5 essentials to reach optimal health, some of us may need to put more energy into one of those essentials over the others. For example, if an individual has stomach issues, that person might want to rework their diet in order to get the correct bacteria levels inside their gut. For more on stomach issues and fixing your intestinal tract, check out Gut Check.

Crack the Code to Good Health

Whether you need to focus on your nutrition, getting more exercise in order to increase your oxygen levels, or even minimizing the toxins you are consuming, we can all improve our health and Dr. Ray can help!

At Chiropractic Plus, we believe maximizing brain function is the most important aspect of health. We encourage our patients to attend our monthly (Free) Event Seminars to learn how to take care of their bodies. After maximizing brain function, we believe corrective chiropractic care is vital to one’s health and wellness. Keeping your body in proper alignment allows your brain to send messages down your spinal cord and through your nerves to all of your different body parts (including your organs), without interference.

Reaching optimal health is a race, although, it is not a sprint- it is however a marathon.

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