Gut and Brain Boosting Function..There is a connection!!

Did you know that there is a direct like between your brain and your immune system? Yes it is true.  The fancy term is called neuro-immunology.  As it relates to the nerve system, there are two parts. The actually messaging carrying system (the white matter and the gray matter), and what are known as the meninges’.  These cells were once known as the “GLUE” of the nerves, today however they are known to transmit and carry messages.  Now comes the immune system into the picture.  They have found, lymphatic tissues surrounding these meninges.  Why is this exciting, because the lymphatic cells push the gunk away from vital organs and the result is a clear and healthy organ! The interesting part is when these lymphatics get plugged up, they build up large protein chunks that impede the flow of messaging in the nerve system.  This can lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s, Autism, and even Multiple Sclerosis.   Boosting Immune function is the focus of the upcoming event, “Body Armor” Learn about this and other hot topics that can protect your body and build health.


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