Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

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The Coronavirus has been in existence since
the 1960s when it was discovered in the nasal cavities of 2 human patients, and
labeled  Human Coronavirus 229E and OC43.
Through the years a few new strains have been identified, such as, SARS in
2003, MERS in 2012, and now Novel/Wuhan Coronavirus in 2019.

The 2019 Coronavirus originated in Wuhan,
China and has spread across the world over the last few months. Wuhan is home
to China’s only Biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory. A BSL-4 laboratory is a
facility that operates under the highest level of biosafety precautions and is
able to work with agents that could easily be aerosol-transmitted, cause fatal
disease, and for which a treatment is unknown. In 2017 the Wuhan facility was
authorized to begin working with potentially harmful  agents, and the first priority was to study
the SARS virus. This raised much worry around the globe because the SARS virus
had already escaped a BSL-3 facility in Beijing on multiple occasions.¹

In 2015 it was published in the Methods of Molecular Biology that
research was being conducted that involved bioengineering the full length cDNA
of MERS as bacterial artificial chromosomes. The article claims that, “the
development of CoV infectious clones provides a valuable molecular tool to
study fundamental viral processes, to develop genetically defined vaccines, and
to test antiviral drugs.” ² Samples have provided evidence that COVID-19 is a
clone of SARS as bacterial artificial chromosome. 

Based upon what has been described and
the known fact that China hid the rate of COVID-19 infections in Wuhan from the
World Health Organization (WHO) it is a reasonable assumption that this virus
is a man-made bio-agent that escaped the BSL-4 facility in Wuhan. The virus has
since spread across the world and has now been deemed a pandemic by the WHO,
and when a disease is marked as a pandemic then the creation of a vaccine is
allowed to be administered without prior human testing.

The symptoms of the coronavirus include:
runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, and difficulty breathing in severe
cases. This pandemic has caused panic in the United States due to its spread.
Now is the time to choose faith over fear. Be your own best health advocate,
and live the 5 essentials for optimal health. The key to not only overcoming
COVID-19, but any potential health crisis is to live the 5 essentials, and it
is never too late to start.

1: Mindset

Fear and worry about the coronavirus has
caused people to empty shelves at grocery stores and place a heightened
attention to the news media. Fear and worry do not serve the immune system
well, and actually disrupt the response of natural killer cells that are vital
in fending off viral invaders.³ Some of the best ways to fend off fear and
worry is: diaphragmatic breathing, walking outside, meditation, gratitude
journaling, and exercise.

2: Chiropractic

The central nervous system is in charge
of regulating immune function. The vertebral subluxation interferes with the
transmission of nerve impulses traveling from and to the brain. This creates
disorganization in the brain and that results in decreased immune response. In
order to increase immune function it is vital to receive at least a weekly
adjustment. It has been well documented in research that the adjustment
immediately affects immune system function. People who receive adjustments
weekly are shown to have 200% greater immune competence than the average
population based on research by Ronald Pero, Ph.D., former chief of cancer
prevention research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute and professor
of medicine at New York University.

3: Nutrition

The standard American diet is full of
pro-inflammatory processed foods and sugar.  This causes a state of
chronic inflammation, and the reason for inflammation is  to signal an immune response. Over time as
the immune system is in a state of constant activation it becomes suppressed
and less efficient at fighting off viral invaders. Strengthen your immune
system by adhering to the Advanced Plan found on page 167 of Align Your Health. You can also assist
your immune system by taking ML Vitamin D3+Probiotics, ML Daily Defense, and ML
Vitamin C after your first meal of the day.

4: Exercise

Habitual exercise is shown to improve
immune system function and delay age related dysfunction. The key though is the
right dosing of exercise, because overtraining can cause suppression of the
immune system, and MaxT3 has you covered. At the frequency of 3 times a week
for 12 minutes MaxT3 is one of the most science backed programs in existence.

5: Detoxification

The liver is the frontline in detecting
and capturing viruses and bacteria. Boost the functioning of your liver with
the ML Detox System.


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