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Many people have difficulty navigating the workers’ compensation system. You may ask yourself, “Can I get care in this office and will my workers’ compensation benefits cover the care?” If you come to us, you’ll get the answers you seek.

Chiropractic Plus is a full-service health provider helping injury victims following an accident. After two decades in practice, our Dr. Ray has seen many different situations and clinical conditions. Our team is certified and has received extensive training to ensure you get the best possible care.  The state of Colorado requires that doctors of chiropractic are “Level 1 Certified” to provided long term needed care for the injured worker.  Very few have their level 1 accreditation, Dr Ray is one of those doctors.

Workers’ Compensation Process

Since we specialize in helping injured people in the north area of Denver.  Our clinic, while located in Thornton, CO, serves many outlying areas because of our expertise in this area.  We know and understand how the workers’ compensation system works. We make sure that you not only heal, but we also help you navigate medical issues and getting your bills paid. As you go through the workers’ compensation process, make sure you remember the following:

• If you are injured at work, your employer has the right to assign a medical care provider, however if you do not like the doctors or facility you are in, you can change.  Let us show you how.
• If your employer does not send you to a specific facility or provider, you have the right to chose your own doctor.  We are the premier injury chiropractic facility  in Thornton, CO. The first provider you see is the authorized doctor and workers’ compensation insurance covers your care at 100%.
• If your employer sends you to a medical facility and the care does not meet your needs, you can change providers. Call us today and find out  how to accomplish this!

To change providers, do the following:

• Ask for a referral from your current provider.
• Go back to your employer and request a change in provider. Make sure the insurance carrier approves of your choice.
• If needed, obtain an attorney to help in your case. We have a list of referrals that specialize in dealing with work-related injuries. Dr. Ray will wait until for your settlement benefits payment.

If you have been hurt at work and need our help, simply call our office at 303-254-8430 to make an appointment. No matter where you are in the care process, we can jump in and help you.

We proudly service Thornton, Westminster, Northglenn, Broomfield, Commerce City, and surrounding areas.

Call Accredited Injury ChiropractorTake action now to begin the fresh start you deserve by calling us today at 303-254-8430 or by filling out our online EASY CONTACT FORM for a free case wellness examination with one of of our professional physicians at Chiropractic Plus.

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