Thornton Chiropractor reviews danger of microwaves

You are trading convenience for long term health

Microwave danger is rampant in today’s society, but how does it work? A microwave works by making water in the food move very quickly, turning into steam, heating your food.  It does this very quickly, but it changes the foods atomic structure.  You’ll be able to attest that it doesn’t heat evenly and it needs to be rotated.  This is because water isn’t evenly spread in the food.


A BIG problem is that toxins within the containers leach into your food (yum plastic).  This is bad because these chemicals are carcinogenic and are poison to your body, not a nutrient.  Some of the bad chemicals in these packages; polyethylene terephthalate, toluene, dioxins, benzene to name a few.  A popular one is bisphenol A (BPA).  BPA mimics estrogen in the body and creates havoc on hormones and increases risks for cancer.

Just how dangerous are microwaves?  Blood has been heated using a microwave and “surprisingly” it damaged the blood, cells, and nutrients contained within.


Weak food; microwaved food = weaker

There is a steady decline in the quality of foods due to what is known as soil depletion.  This is due to bad farming practices, pesticides, herbicides, and producing too many crops.  We are not getting the same amount and quality as our grandparents, and theirs.  Even organics today don’t compare to the raw dense nutrition of the past generations of plants.

Microwaves have been linked in MANY studies to further deplete the nutritional value of foods.  It does this by ripping apart and vibrating food at an atomic level.  The effects of this at the worst turn the food carcinogenic (cancer causing) and at best destroy nutritional value.


Microwave Danger of Radiation Leakage

Yes, there is “leakage” from microwaves.  Microwaves do escape, mostly through the viewing window we like to watch our food from.  It does follow the inverse square law, meaning the farther away you are the less you receive.  If you are 10 inches away you will receive one-hundredth of the microwave measured at at 1 inch.

Microwaves penetrate walls.  Research has been conducted and shown that operating a microwave in a kitchen will mimic the amount of microwaves emitted by a cell phone base station.  So even standing / sitting on the other side of the wall won’t provide additional protection.

You should have your microwave oven check yearly to ensure it isn’t throwing out rogue microwaves.  Look out for the seals to ensure a snug and proper fit, as this is the most common form of leakage.  The average American keeps their microwave for just under 9 years.

Here is the dangerous part.  Nothing is wrong with the microwave, being 12 inches away while its operating can expose you to 400+ milliGauss, and only a paltry 4 milliGauss has been strongly linked to developing leukemia.  Make sure to leave the room and go to the other side of the house if you have to use a microwave.


Microwaves will take the pep out of your foods step


Let’s look at the research about microwaves and their effect on food.

  • A study performed in Japan on milk for 6 minutes destroyed about 35% of the B12.
  • Brocolli cooked in microwave lost a staggering 97% of its antioxidant value compared to being steamed and losing 11%
  • Garlic microwaved for 60 seconds destroyed its powerful active health benefits.

The scary part, very little research has been performed on microwave danger and how the human body absorbs and responds to microwaved food.  To top that off there is a lock of research on the effect of microwaves on organic molecules.  This is shocking because literally everyone you know has a microwave, better yet who do you know who doesn’t have a microwave?

Of the research the few studies agree that microwaving food generally damages its nutritional value.  It takes cheap and expensive food alike and damages the nutritional portions inert and without nutritional value to your body aside from calories.  Bad thing is that the calories are not “empty calories.”

Heating food in general causes loss of nutrients be it a fire, oven, baking in the sun, or a microwave.  The microwave phenomenon, created by microwaves does additional damage to food and you.  It deals with resonance at the atomic level causing atoms to be “shred” this weakens bonds causing others to form.  The radiation from microwaves has a cumulative effect which means the body becomes more sensitive over time.

Microwave’s Sinister Side

What would happen if you were to say microwave a human?  Well the US government is working on that.  The device featured here is a designed “suppression system” this is direct microwave danger.  Other non-military applications of microwave research have yielded a substantial list of hazards that happen when humans are exposed to microwave radiation.  Don’t be surprised if you see on of these bad boys deployed anytime soon, watch out because it could cause to following.

  • Vision and eye problems
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Impaired cognition
  • Nausea and appetite loss

The Russians won’t use it?

The Russians lead the way for most microwave research directly after the World War 2 and the creation of microwaves.  What they found didn’t please them.  The Russian government issued a warning about the potential damage associated with microwave oven usage.  Here are some of the findings the Russians came up with.

  • Many foods became carcinogenic or created carcinogenic compounds
    • Plants, meats, fruits
  • Damage to food decreased the nutritional value of food (vitamins and minerals)
  • Decreased the absorbability of food


Breaking Free of Microwave Danger


Yes it is possible to still cook and easily warm up food without microwave danger.  You should look into and determine alternative methods to heat your food in a more natural safe manner.  Survival will not be an issue as there are many affordable options.  Follow these steps or ideas and you can avoid all the dangers that microwave ovens present.

Toaster oven is the most similar in operation.  They are wonderful at heating up leftovers or cooking small 1-2 person meals quickly.  Rewarming food is done best at lower temperatures around 200 degrees.  I personally recommend and love my convection oven, they help food cook quicker and more evenly via a fan to circular air.

Planning ahead will get you the most return.  Cook lots of food and freeze the leftovers in specific one meal portions.  Defrost in the refrigerator the night before you want.  If you’re in a pinch you can defrost much faster by placing an air tight bag into a water bath for 10-15 minutes.  You can also plan out meals so that when you’re busy you have prepared food and don’t need to cook.


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