Detox Your System and Your Surroundings

In the videos below, Dr. Patrick Ray of Chiropractic Plus explains how the world we live in is a toxic place and, although, some of the toxins are unavoidable- others we have control over. For example there are toxins in the air we breath, these for the most part are unavoidable. On the other hand, we can choose to eat organic fruits and vegetables to avoid the toxic chemicals in pesticides. We can also choose to eat grass fed beef rather than the hormone injected beef that most people consume. These are some of the more obvious examples. Watch the videos to learn how to detox not only your system but also your surroundings. Knowing is half the battle so get the knowledge from Dr. Ray and take this step toward becoming a healthier you.


Different Toxins

Smog in Denver! This is the air we are breathing.







Water sustains all life. You would think we would not want to contaminate any water at all. Why is this sort of thing allowed to happen?








Although the picture above and below are not of the same place, the picture below shows the sort of effects on the environment that may take place if we continue doing things like the picture above.







To learn how you can get involved or donate to those who are trying to preserve our planet, follow this link:

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