The 3 C’s and S’s: Damaging Fats Found in “Healthy” Foods

There is an old saying that you are what you eat, and science has proven this true. The body is constantly recycling, repairing, and rebuilding new cells. The material making these cells are the foods you consume. Food is building who you are tomorrow and that could be either a superhuman or a complete dud. The problem is that many foods on the shelves marketed for health are the ones building a dud. The FDA has very loose guidelines for health claims found on food labels, but knowledge is power and knowing what ingredients to avoid can get you closer to your future superhuman self. 

Fats are the most important nutrient and there is a wide gap between the benefits of healthy fats and damaging effects of unhealthy ones. At the cellular level, fats are used to build the cell membrane, or the wall that protects the cells. If damaged fats are consumed this protective barrier is faulty, and the cell malfunctions. Research has shown that consuming one meal with bad fats causes cellular dysfunction for 132 days. 

The 3 C’s and S’s to avoid:

Canola Oil

Cottonseed Oil

Corn Oil

Safflower Oil

Soybean Oil

Sunflower Oil

Safe oils:

Avocado Oil

Coconut Oil

Palm Oil 

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