Sugar is Bad, But Fructose is Worse

A study in 2009 shows that a diet which is high-fructose actually causes your body to create new fat cells.  It creates these fat cells primarily around your liver, stomach, intestines, and heart.  It increases your risks for heart disease and diabetes.  Consuming glucose didn’t have these effects.

Fructose is not metabolized the same as glucose, it has a special pathway.  Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver (liver does 100% of work), compared to the breaking down glucose by 20%.  Because the liver has to work very hard to process fructose it creates many toxins and waste products as a result.  One of those waste products is uric acid, known for gout but also raises blood pressure.  Fructose doesn’t affect ghrelin (hunger-sensation hormone) so you don’t stop feeling hungry, and it blocks leptin-brain communication, which causes you to overeat.

Compared calorie for calorie glucose (table sugar) vs fructose (food manufactures choice) when consuming 120 calories of glucose less than 1 calorie is stored as fat.  120 calories of fructose intake yields 40 calories of fat stored.  That is 40x more fat storage by consuming fructose, which is much more prevalent than sugar in many, especially processed foods.


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