Scoliosis suffering helped by Chiropractic Plus

Scoliosis patient suffering for 18 years helped by Chiropractic Plus and Dr. Ray: My name is Krista Robrecht and I have suffered from thoracolumbar scoliosis for over 18 years. I was first diagnosed at age 13 by a medical provider who told me that there was nothing that could be done to help my curvature and pain except to wear a brace for 16 hours per day which I wore for 2 years with little or no change. I tried pain and muscle relaxers in addition to Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Acetaminophen and more. The problem affected my ability to move around and when it is at its worst is when I sit which was quite difficult since I was in school to be a nurse. I met Dr Ray and his team at a community health outreach program at a ski and snow expo at the Colorado Convention Center. And I am sure glad I did. My results were EXTREMELY evident when you compare my before and after x-rays. The changes were amazing. Not only did my spine improve, my pain was much better, my clothes fit better but what I found to be the most AMAZING change was that my lung and breathing problems improved, my bladder infection improved, and my recurrent strep throat healed. Oh yea, I survived the stress of nursing school.

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