8 Reasons To Avoid Processed Foods

TryingtoloseProcessed Foods, Making You Sicker and Fatter Each Day

  • Processed foods are designed to inspire you to overeat.
    1. Create a powerful excessive brain-reward-response to keep you eating.
    2. Slogans say it all “bet you can’t eat just one,”
  • You become addicted to processed foods
    1. They stimulate dopamine, making you feel good.
    2. Oreo’s were just found to be as addictive as morphine or cocaine!
    3. Lack nutrients, such as fiber and appropriate balance of protein, carbs, and fats which causes them to be empty calories.
  • Processed foods are low in fiber
    1. Do you know how much fiber you need? Most people don’t, the average American needs between 20 and 30 grams of fiber daily.
    2. Food refining process removes fiber on purpose!
  • Processed foods contain artificial ingredients
    1. Preservatives, artificial colors, Artificial flavors, and texturants (add texture)
    2. All of these affect the central nervous system in way leading to disease. For example artificial colors and dyes have been linked to health issues such as cancer and ADHD.
  • Are high in refined carbohydrates
    1. Refined carbohydrates break down to sugars quickly inside your body. They have a similar response in your body and cause large insulin and leptin spikes, leading to resistance.
    2. Resistance to insulin and leptin are the primary underlying cause in just about every known chronic disease.
  • Most are low in nutrient density
    1. The actual natural nutrients are removed purposefully, and are replaced with less effective artificial nutrients and much lower quantities.
    2. All of phytochemicals are destroyed, we don’t even know of all their benefits… don’t fool around nature got it right!
  • Requires less time and calories to digest than real food
    1. These foods melt in your mouth and cause your brain to think it’s not consuming calories.
    2. This leads to eating faster and more.
    3. Less energy is needed to digest these foods means you keep more.
  • Are high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup
    1. Read the label of just about anything processed, you’d be safe betting on high fructose corn syrup being there.
    2. Fructose is directly metabolized into fat.
    3. Known to lead to obesity, and its related disorders.

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