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Back pain can strike after a specific accident or might stem from stress over previous years. When you feel pain in your back, your vertebrae are compensating for damage to your soft tissue, muscles, nerves, or discs.

Sometimes back pain disappears in a few days, while other times discomfort persists for years. Even when back pain dissipates quickly, it can weaken your back. This weakness can lead to nervous system damage and more back pain.

Come to Chiropractic Plus when you’re ready to say goodbye to back pain. We are full-service back pain specialists in Thornton, CO. Our team of doctors provides expert back care for both short and long-term challenges.

Common Symptoms

Back pain can range from dull, aching pain to sharp, radiating pain. Sciatica, tingling on the skin’s surface, foot numbness, and muscle weakness also often accompany back pain.

Damage to the discs in between each vertebra can also heighten your discomfort. It’s common to say that spinal discs “slip,” but in reality, they tear, bulge, prolapse, herniate, and shrivel. The most common disc injury is a micro-tear that allows fluid to leak and the disc to wear thin.  Although you may have been told this is a minor situation that is far from the truth.  Left uncorrected, this can become one of the most devastating things you can ever experience.

A disc consists of 90% water. After a micro-tear, it is important to hydrate the disc through specialized rehabilitation services. Our herniated disc treatment in Thornton, CO, helps restore structural stability and eliminate strain from the area, resolving your pain, and most important restoring your body back to the health you deserve.

Common Treatments

Medication is a common way to decrease inflammation and block back pain sensors. However, this only relieves symptoms on a temporary basis. Medication is not a long-term solution and because it does not address the cause of the problem, then next event is usually worse.

The resolution of your back pain paramount in our mind, however we are GREEDY.  We want you not only feeling great, we want you to be great!  Getting to the root cause of your problem is key. Chiropractic care is proven to be a cost-effective way to resolve low back pain.  Here at Chiropractic Plus, we make it our priority to evaluate your back pain and ensure good spinal health.

Call our office at 303-254-8430 to learn more about our services and to set up an appointment.

Chiropractic Plus  proudly service Thornton, Westminster, Northglenn, Broomfield, Commerce City, and surrounding metro Denver areas. Call our office at 303-254-8430 to learn more about our services and to set up an appointment.
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