Leaky Gut Syndrome

Have you ever heard of “Leaky Gut Syndrome?” Well listen close, because damage to your gut can lead to many auto immune problems. Yes your stomach and intestines lead to problems like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes and a whole slew of auto immune disorders. When you chronically expose yourself to toxic elements (pesticides, sugar, plastics, hormones, GMO, caffeine, artificial foods) these can enter the gut and lead to large micro holes in the gut. The results allows large proteins to pass through the gut forcing the immune system to inappropriately reach to even food! The result is a hyper reactive immune system that can attack joints (Arthritis) attack kidneys (glomerulonephritis of the kidneys), attach heart (sub-acute endocarditis), attack muscles (fibromyalgia) and many other auto immune problems. Solutions are diets rich in easily digested proteins, enzymes to break down food to elicit repair of the gut, probiotics to aid in digestion and built a new healthy immune system and detoxification. The answers are there and ready. Take action on your health



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