Lack of Sleep and its Dangers

When seeking rest and sleep we often don’t get enough for our body to function properly. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should get more sleep! Most importantly for your health is that not enough sleep leads to a dramatic decrease in immune system function, which has been show to accelerate tumor growth. We don’t operate in society as well, our physical and mental performances drop substantially and we start to miss things or react inappropriately. Ever hear of getting your beauty rest? Lack of sleep causes premature aging of not just your appearance but everything under the skin as well. Getting sleep will actually save you money! Think about how much and often you take a trip to the coffee shop to get an energy boost. When the body is asleep it is in a regenerative repairing state, get enough and you can reduce future medical bills. Use an activity/sleep tracker to monitor, how much you sleep and you may be stunned by how many times you are restless, disturbed, or wake up over the course of the night.

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