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There’s nothing worse than the in-laws’ bland cooking that they insist you eat. Prevent this from happening again by introducing your dear loved ones to the wonderful benefits of natural herbs and spices. Not only do the herbs and spices on this list taste wonderful, they also contain powerful health benefits. In no particular order, here’s our list..



There are many benefits to eating cinnamon- the least of which is its great taste. Cinnamon helps decrease inflammation in the body and may also help lower cholesterol. These benefits pale in comparison to what cinnamon can do for your blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that cinnamon may slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut which helps improve insulin sensitivity.




Sage has been used for its medicinal purposes since the middle ages. Recent studies have shown that sage can improve brain and memory function, especially in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease have decreased levels of acetylcholine which sage prevents the breakdown of.






Turmeric has several compounds which contain medicinal properties, although, the most potent and well known is Cur-cumin.  Cur-cumin is simultaneously a powerful anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant, and a key ingredient in curry. Some studies have also shown that cur-cumin may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.





Holy Basil

I admit I had to look this up.. Holy Basil is not the same as regular basil as well as apparently a third type of basil, thai basil.  Holy basil has been found to boost immune function, reduce blood sugar levels, as well as treating anxiety and anxiety related depression. More research is needed to confirm these findings although, Holy Basil is known to prevent the growth of many types of bacteria, yeasts and molds.




Cayenne pepper

Studies have shown that cayenne pepper increases fat burning and reduces ones appetite. In fact, it is commonly used in commercial weight loss supplements.  When used as an ingredient in food preparation for some people there is a drawback, cayenne pepper is spicy!






Ginger is a well-known spice that comes from China and has been used for its medicinal purposes since ancient times. It is commonly known that ginger successfully treats nausea. In one study ginger was also successful at reducing inflammation.







Rosemary is loaded with antioxidants and may also improve memory function. Even just smelling rosemary can help improve memory. A study found that students who smelled rosemary before the test performed better than those who did not. Tell any student you know to keep rosemary in their back pack!





For those who are often victims of the common cold, adding garlic to your diet could be extremely beneficial. Garlic may also be a booster for your heart health as it appears to reduce cholesterol levels by 10-15% as well as reducing blood pressure. In some studies it has been shown to be more effective than blood pressure medication.








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