Frequently Asked Questions

A: The simple answer is physical trauma to the body. Other traumas include: respective trauma (sitting at a desk, etc), emotional stress (money, jobs, kids, traffic, etc), and chemical exposure (medication use, alcohol, sugar, food additives, etc). And of course, a combination of all these things.

During your initial appointment in our office, we will take a full set of X-rays as well as three separate nerve function tests. The doctor will then analyze the results from each and determine a plan of action.

A: Fix the cause. As a wellness chiropractor, we pride ourselves at getting to the cause of your problem. The key is finding out WHY the pain developed, fix the issue, and educate yourself to ensure you don’t re-create the problem we are trying to fix.

A: There are three basic types of headaches.

  1. Migraine headaches: These are blood born headaches. We need to address the reason why your blood vessels are opening up and not closing. When they do not close, they simply pump too much blood towards the brain in between the hard head and the soft brain. The key as always is not managing the headache, rather finding out why the headaches are showing up and fix that problem.
  2. Muscle tension headaches: These, as the words describe, are headaches with stress, which causes the muscles to contract, and the result is a squeezing headache. Fixing the muscle, subluxation (structural) and nerve damage is key to getting these headaches under control. Fixing the stressor is the long term solution, which we will coach you through and help you find permanent solutions.
  3. Cervicogenic: This is one that is overlooked almost every time by the medical community. These are headaches due to a neck problem. When the neck gets out of alignment, subluxation occurs and the nerves become damaged. If the nerve goes to the head the result is a headache.

Finding out which kind of headache is important, and fixing the cause is SUCCESS!

A: Back pain is as diverse as the people that experience it. When you begin to experience neck or back pain this is most likely do to a misalignment of your vertebrae, which may be limiting nerve function. This is what we in the Chiro world call: Subluxation. Back pain may range from a mild ache, spasms, cramping, throbbing, burning, and/or aching. Whichever symptom you have- it is just a warning sign. The longer you delay the more serious the problem becomes. Early intervention is the best answer for long lasting success.

A: The earlier the better! When the spine becomes misaligned or “Subluxated” it is relentless. The misalignment eats away at the discs in-between your vertebrae, causing degenerative arthritis and ultimately nerve damage.

A study that was done called the “Magna Report” concluded that ALL back pain patients should see a chiropractor first. The results were spectacular and the costs were much less than their medical counterpart.

A: There are many modalities for “treating back pain”. They can range from chiropractic manipulation, medication, massage, acupuncture and many others. However all these modalities have one thing in common; treatment. We need to remember that the body has a mechanism for telling you something is wrong. That early detection system is pain (and other symptoms.) If you treat the pain, it’s like treating the alarm system. Think about it. If you had a fire alarm go off in your home, would you want to:

  1. Turn off the fire alarm (the signaling system)?
  2. Put out the fire?

The answer is obvious. The key is getting to the cause and the body will turn off the pain. The best treatment for any pain is to, “GET TO THE CAUSE”. If you fix the problem, the body no longer needs the signaling system, and turns it off.

We will use various techniques and rehabilitation to ensure your problems are resolved:

  1. Corrective adjusting so you can get proper alignment, keeping the body and nerves happy
  2.  We use Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Ultrasound to manage inflammation early in the process
  3. Full rehabilitation and strengthening of the small white fiber muscles along your spine to help stay aligned
  4.  Massage chairs and beds to relax spasms
  5.  Blood and Urine testing: Not to check for disease, rather to find out if your body is:
    1.  Missing a macro or micro nutrient
    2.  Missing or depleted Enzymes to break down food
    3.  Hormone imbalances
    4.  Stress hormone problems
    5.  Inflammation and toxicity biomarkers, etc.

The end results would be specific supplementation and or detoxification protocols to remove the interference to your healing.

A: If you are feeling pain in your arms, this is a sure sign of a damaged nerve. The most common reason for a damaged nerve is misalignment of the spine called Subluxations. When the spine is misaligned it can compress or “pinch” the nerves and if those nerves go into your arms or legs, the result can be numbness, tingling, shooting or stabbing pain.

If you are experiencing these sort of symptoms we recommend that you get evaluated as soon as possible regardless of your degree of problem. Small problems become big ones and big problems can become life threatening. Call and get checked!

A: The most common answer to this question can be summarized in one word; relief. 80 to 90 percent of our patients experience some type of relief on the first day. The majority have what they call amazing results. There are about 10% who do feel sore the next day, this is usually mild and self-limiting. There is noise that occurs, but no pain during the adjustment. We use various techniques depending on age, and degree of the problem. Some require very soft care, others more aggressive. The technique used is specialized to you.

A: The chiropractic corrective adjustment itself is pretty quick, maybe a couple of minutes. After the adjustment our patients lock in their adjustments by using a vertical vibration plate which will help strengthen the small white fiber muscles along their spines. Some patients may also follow their adjustments with Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Ultrasound to manage inflammation.

A: Many patients know chiropractic as a strategy for the management of pain. There is more to us, than that. We are a five essential office. What does this mean? We look at all aspects of your life to remove interference. Once the interference to healing is removed, the body simply gets healthier and you get your life back. We examine and evaluate five areas of your life:

  1. Mindset and Stress: Learn to make daily healthy decisions. You need to understand how your body works before you can understand what it needs to be at optimal health.
  2. Nerve System: Everyone knows that the brain controls all body function, healing and animation of life. The brain, spinal cord and the nerve roots are the keys to making sure that the body heals as it was intended. The central nerve system is so important that it is the only system completely encased in bone. Armor if you will! The problem is the spine moves, so if you get the spine out of alignment (Subluxation) this crushes and damages the nerves. Which causes not only pain, but a battery of health problems, depending on where the nerves go: heart, lungs, immune system. All these can be compromised and make you unhealthy if not addressed.
  3. Nutrition: Nutrition must be tested and addressed in order to find out if this is causing interference to healing inside your body. Once tested, we implement a custom nutrition plan to insure great health.
  4. Fitness/Exercise: Exercise is essential to good health because it increases your oxygen levels which promotes healing.
  5. Minimizing Toxins: Our world today is very toxic. We get hit at all fronts. Food, air, clothes, medications, artificial colors, sweeteners, cleansers, etc. We need to help you minimize your toxic exposure, test to find out what toxins are in your body and remove them.

Once we have determined your needs, we begin the process of correction by observing three critical levels of care:

  1. Acute Care: Dealing with the short term problems. Pain, fatigue, inflammation, and all other early problems.
  2. Correction Care: Through adjustments, your pain levels will begin to decrease, although, this does not mean you are cured. We still need to fix the cause. Symptoms will go away before the cause of your pain is corrected.
  3. Wellness Care: Because the world is physically demanding, emotionally challenging, stressing, and our environment is simply toxic, the next step is Wellness. A strategy to keep the body healthy for a lifetime. This is not much different than going to a gym because you are out of shape. You get your body fixed, then keep it fit forever. The only difference is you have a “lifetime coach and mentor” to help you stay on track.

A: Our goal, unlike most other chiropractors is to get your body so healthy it cannot get sick. By getting to the cause, removing it, and keeping it in check, you get a lifetime of health. Most chiropractors crack backs to make you feel good. Our approach is to fix the interference to health, restore the body back to normal and you get a double benefit. You get to feel ‘PHENOMENAL” and function at “OPTIMUM LEVELS”.  Amazing things will happen!

A: This is a complicated question and the short answer is YES. If your insurance will help (auto cases for example, cover nearly 100% of needed care) we will take it to defer the cost of your care. If your insurance does not cover, we have affordable plans to ensure you get the quality care you deserve at a rate you can afford.

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