Burn Fat Instead of Sugar to Lose Body Weight

Your body has trillions of cells.  Each of those cells can either use sugar or fat for power to operate.  The health of the cells, and you, ultimately depend on the fuel source they primarily use.  In a nutshell, fat is the preferred source of fuel if health, longevity, and disease prevention are things that you strive for.  The more sugar your body burns the shorter the lifespan, the quality of life is also decreased with more conditions and diseases.

So, how do you burn fat over sugars?  You definitely want to be healthier and the reap the benefits, let’s start.  In a nut shell, you simply need to train your body consistently to use fat.  Once you start burning and using fat, your body gets better at it.  We’ll go into this shortly but we need to understand more beforehand.

The majority of people have training and conditioned their body to burn and operate off of sugar.  This happens all day when you’re moving and working, but also importantly when you’re sleeping.  The body can only store a small and limited amount of sugar. Your body gets those sugars from breaking down proteins, which is the opposite of what you want because it chops up muscles which burn lots of calories.  That process is known as gluconeogenesis, it means making new sugars.  This is decreasing your body’s metabolic momentum, slowing you down.

Often people gain body fat because they have “forgotten” how to burn it off as they should.  This process is controlled by hormones in your body the first player is known as LEPTIN.  Leptin is a hormone communicates with your brain to promote fat breakdown to create energy.  The “forgetting” is called leptin resistance, which causes fat to build up, especially around the organs (visceral fat) which is dangerous for one’s health.  The next hormone is INSULIN.  When your body has too much sugar in the blood stream it releases the hormone insulin to put the extra sugar into the cells.  If the blood sugar is too high too often or all the time cells are constantly bombarded with insulin signals and they start to ignore the message.  Ignoring insulin is called insulin resistance, and is bad because the sugar doesn’t get into cells like it should, except for fat cells.  Surprising to most you are not diagnosed with diabetes yet, because your body is pouring the extra blood sugar into fat cells, causing increase in body fat leading to obesity.

When the fat cells start to max out, the sugars stay in the blood stream and now diabetes begins to show up.  One approach with PPAR gamma agonists (popular pharmaceutical solution) actually opens up the fat cells to take more sugar, therefor lowering blood sugar to help with diabetes.  This just lets you get fatter and doesn’t address the insulin resistance problem, just funnels the sugar into fat cells.  Now it’s important to note and contrary to public belief diabetes is an insulin resistance problem, not sugar in the blood problem.  Lowering the sugar in blood without addressing the problem is a time buyer at best, the longer the problem isn’t addressed the worse it gets.  Just as going to a loud concert your ears become resistant to sounds (temporary deafness) your cells become “deaf” to the sounds of insulin and leptin and the body cannot work as designed and cannot promote health, only sickness leading to disease.

The key to stop burning sugars, and to burn fats are proper hormonal balance and body communication.  This involves diet, exercise, and functioning nervous system.  Our body makeover has everything you need from information to action steps to start burning fats and move to health.  Call us today to gain more information on how we can help!

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