Brain Degeneration: “Ain’t nobody got time for that”

It is natural that at some point if you live long enough you will begin to experience brain degeneration.  There are many factors that determine when this will happen to an individual.  Genetics and lifestyle are the two most influential, although, events like car accidents can cause symptoms of degeneration to begin sooner.  Some people may begin to lose mental clarity before they become senior citizens while others maintain mental sharpness until the day they die. In the videos below, Dr. Patrick Ray of Chiropractic Plus discusses at the Brain Storm! Event Seminar, the effect stress and toxins have on the blood brain barrier as well as what you should be doing to maintain your mental clarity for years to come.  It starts with detoxifying your body.  Everything that you ingest ends up in your blood stream which means it flows through your brain as well.

Below is an image of a normal brain and a brain that has degenerated so far and now has Alzheimer’s disease

Brain degeneration, chiropractic



Brain Storm!






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