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by Sarah Behrens on Chiropractic Plus

I started noticing gradual imbalance at least fifteen years ago which gradually developed into vertigo. About five years ago the vertigo increased to the point at times especially in the morning I had to hold onto something to walk or at times I would be nauseous even passing out a couple times. I was never able to get relief from many visits to my primary doctor. I was going to a chiropractor a couple times a month which helped. Eventually my doctor started referring me for several tests, MRI, Neck x-ray, with one test at the hospital leaving me so off balance the technician had to help me walk to the waiting room, he said the test showed my brain was dizzy, like that was new news, next I was sent to a neurologist who sent me to an ear specialist who determined the crystals’ in my right ear was out of place. She performed a positional maneuver and authorized physical therapy. After two months of PT, I was just getting well when I had a torn meniscus, two week alter and MRI showed part of my Achilles tendon was calcified and had fractured at the same time of the meniscus tare then because of the over use during all this I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot and a couple weeks later there was a severe infection in my right ankle causing me to be on antibiotic and wear a boot for two weeks.Gradually the combination of having to limit being on my feet for nearly two and half years, no exercise, having to stop driving for a while I was just draining physically and emotionally. One morning I was so sick that I called my daughter she called 911 and before she arrived I had for handsome fireman at my door. (Cool Huh?)
I started paying attention to organic produce and natural meat in the late 80’s so the nutrition information was familiar because I was acquainted with Dr. Hedendal at International Nutrition in Florida who held seminars in Denver twice a year doing testing and mailing the results back along with recommended supplements. After he stopped doing the seminars here I pretty much kept following those instructions.
The first time I came to Chiropractic Plus I was just plain discouraged but was determined to check it out. The results of x-ray showed my neck was bent forward, the never scan showed that 100%, 90%, 70% and 30% of the electric impulses coming from my brain were not functioning in different areas.
Since I have been in the program with exception of a couple times the vertigo and imbalance has mostly disappeared. The recent follow up x-ray on my neck shows real progress. I’m sleeping better and am not as discouraged, the anxiety I was feeling and lack of energy is improving.
Last week something happened I didn’t expect—during my adjustment I ask Dr. Ray about an inflammation in my leg at which time he also adjusted my ankle and foot, later in the day I started feeling energy in my leg I hadn’t felt since the problems I’ve previously mentioned. He also adjusted differently on my spine and my back has felt straighter than it has for some time. I thought it was just my imagination later Dr. told me it happens.

by Pam Young on Chiropractic Plus

I was in an auto accident in Nov 2013 I had severe anxiety with difficulty sleeping, concentrating and therefore difficulty working. I came to Dr. Ray as soon as I could after the accident and explained my symptoms. The accident was the straw that broke, the camels back so to speak. I had exhausted adrenals. That caused me to have poor sleep which made me less than my bubbly self. I had no desire to go to work or my usual social activities. Dr. Ray was able to do special adjustments to calm my anxiety and help my stress reaction to shut down. He suggested supplements to support adrenal rest and recovery so the anxiety would not come back as often. The staff have been encouraging and helpful throughout the past 2 years as I work to incorporate all five Maximized Living principles into my daily life. The more closely I practice them the more peace and function. I have in my life.

by Joe Dunn on Chiropractic Plus

Chiropractic has given me a marked improvement in my energy, appearance and overall health. My energy for childhood has returned and my joy of life makes me feel and act young again. I have few complaints and take absolutely no medications of any kind and do not intend to ever take anything but vitamins, minerals and food supplements of the natural type. Food is my best ally-good healthy food!
Dr. Ray is my “go-to-guy” and has always been there for me when I need him.
Want to change your life? Go see Dr. Ray and KEEP GOING! Don’t let the propaganda of drug companies tempt you! Drugs are good for one thing- to make the drug companies rich!

by Felix Alberca on Chiropractic Plus

I have been living with pain for over 20 years. It was caused by my own ignorance. I have never taken care of myself let alone take care of my back. I once picked up a tall heavy metal frame of electronics about the size of a stand up freezer but so much heavier. I walked with it on my back for 6 blocks. That’s when I heard a loud pop. The next morning it was hard to walk.

I have tried many things to rid the pain. Prescription medicine, therapy, and talked with many different physicians. Nothing has helped. I even tried several different chiropractors who claimed they would help me and all I ended up with was disappointment.

This has affected me in the following ways-
•Loss of work
•No social life
•Became dependent on my family

Thank goodness I found Dr. Ray and his staff working a booth at the taste of Colorado.
I was very skeptical at 1st due to my experiences with other Chiropractor’s. Dr. Ray assured me that he was different so I agreed to give him a try.

Since I have been coming to Dr. Ray I have had no major pains and I feel like I have my life back.
I am sore at time but know I can only blame myself (bad habits are hard to break). I have seen many changes and have seen the results. I thank Dr. Ray and his staff.

by Erick Kriegh on Chiropractic Plus

I was in an ATV accident in June 2013 which made my paraplegic from the waist down. This has caused most of my extreme pain and discomfort. I have had many surgeries and have been taking a lot of prescription medications. This has limited me to do things that I used to be able to do, like working and hobbies.
When I first came to Dr. Ray’s I was on a very high dosage of muscle relaxers, and narcotics to ease the pain I was in. since then I have been able to almost completely get off all the narcotics for pain. I’ve also been able to lessen some other prescriptions as well/ this has been a huge help not only with the pain and discomfort, but has improved my overall quality of life. Thank you so my Dr. Ray!

by Dean Curry on Chiropractic Plus

I am still undergoing treatment for my condition. I have noticed improvements in coordination, reduction of the “plugging and unplugging” of my ears. I have also experienced my body’s absorption of nutrients becoming more apparent. I have come to appreciate knowledge and benefits of chiropractic care a staple for improving and sustaining food health. I am thankful to Dr. Ray and his staff for their ability for diagnosing and treating problems. In closing I am looking forward to continuing working with Dr. Ray and Staff at Chiropractic Plus for continued improvements.

by Brandon Alberca on Chiropractic Plus

Dr. Ray has done wonders in helping me with my neck. Since I have started here at chiropractic plus my stiffness in my neck has significantly reduced. Thanks to him my health has improved as well.



Last March I DRAGGED into Chiropratic Plus very DEPRESSED
by the state of my health. I DECIDED I was fast approaching the point of no return, DOOMED to poor health, getting DECREPIT my best friend said.

I DID xrays and scans, and DOC DETERMINED the course for my recovery.
I found the path quite DAUNTING at first, but, when the adjustments DROVE away
the pain, the program became DO-ABLE. I DOVE into
a new way of living and found it DECEPTIVELY easy.

I learned to treat sugar with DISDAIN and DELETED all those high carb foods
from the DAILY DIET. DOING assigned stretches with DISCIPLINED consistency became my priority. I even DARED to exercise, something pain had prevented for twenty years. I DEFEATED asthma. DROPPING 25lbs was DELIGHTFUL, and muscle DEFINITION returned. I attended educational programs with the DELIBERATE purpose of understanding more and was not DISAPPOINTED.
The programs were never DULL!

Doc will challenge the DELUSIONS you hold regarding our health care system.
Your DILEMMA will be how willing you are to DELVE into understanding and DEBATING this information with family and friends.

Before DOCTOR Ray and the Maximized Living program, I DOUBTED that I would be healthy again. Living without pain was only a DREAM. The DYNAMIC between adjustments, exercise, and educated eating soon became apparent. DEDICATION at the beginning became habit, and DISTRACTIONS seldom arise now.

I am DARN glad that I did not let the momentary DISPUTE in my head
DETER me from realizing the potential of this program. I had
very old DAMAGE that previously went uncorrected. Doc DELIVERED, and I
have a DEFINITE recovery of the curve in my spine. At thirty days, I
DELIBERATED and predicted the results would be DOWNRIGHT DAZZLING at year's end. I felt it was DESTINED to happen, and it did!

I really must DECLARE, my DOC rocks!

Yeah, yeah, if you were counting, I missed fifty by a few.

by Michelle Martinez on Chiropractic Plus
Hit by a drunk driver

My granddaughter Alajah and I were hit by a drunk driver after the Bronco's playoff game. Fairly low impact, about 30 to 35 MPH and we were sitting at a red light, hit from behind. This little impact has caused alot of problems in a way has been sort of a good thing because it was discovered that I have 25 years worth of damage that would definately impact me later. Since starting treatment one of the most positive things that has happened is I can sleep past 3 or 4 am. I will continue treatments so I can live a better life without medication when I get older.

by Michael Dufford on Chiropractic Plus
I have been coming here since 1995

I have been coming here since 1995. Lots of improvements - better bowel function, brain function, and my ankles that have been bad since age 17 have improved to almost perfection. Anytime my back goes out - Dr. Ray has me back to work in a few days - not weeks as in the past. I see him an average of twice a week for maintaining my structure. I have 2 collapsing disks in my lower back and 1 in my neck. Bi-weekly adjustments keep me healthy and working a very physical job. I am turning 50 years old this year and I believe I will reach retirement with the help of Dr. Ray and the staff

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