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Dinner with the Doctor

Join us at Red Lobster to engage in an open discussion with Dr. Ray. He will be explaining the importance of wellness and the tools necessary to take care of the body, followed by an open question and answer session in which Dr. Ray will provide answers to any and all the most pressing health […]

Sleep, Do I Need it?

How much sleep is enough for me? The common and average recommendation is 8 hours of sleep. Now we are all unique individuals, do you really think you need precisely 8 hours? Sleep requirements can vary from person to person. When reading this chart think of a bell curve (think back to math class) the […]


Here is a one-of-a-kind program available at Chiropractic Plus that insures patients have the best in core strength, flexibility, and agility.  We call the program the MUSCLE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. The Muscular Management Program is the best of any pre and post-injury management program bar none The following pages will introduce you to the program, as […]

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