Subluxation is an important term to understand when considering chiropractic treatment.  At Chiropractic Plus, we are specialist in subluxation diagnosis, prevention and repair. 

Every person’s body is unique, and experiences subluxation for many different reasons.  It is critical that you are able to work with one of our doctors to share your health history, your physical history, and get other testing such as an X-ray to help understand your unique circumstance.  Chiropractic Plus is fully equipped to get you started on the path to complete health, and to understanding the cause of subluxation in your spine and how to restore complete spinal health.

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A term often used in chiropractic is the term Subluxation.  The simplest way to define this term is a bone that is out of alignment.  While on the surface this may seem like a relatively inert or simple problem, this could not be farther from the truth.

Let’s first look at the most obvious reason Subluxation is such a problem:

If a spine is out of alignment, the consequence to the disc (The shock absorber of the spine) and the facets are devastating.

Having a spine out of alignment can be compared to having the driving wheels of your car is misaligned.  The consequence to your tires is huge.  If your car’s wheels are out of alignment, then you may notice some pulling or vibration in your steering. (Just like you may notice some mild symptoms in your spine).  The car can still drive, and the driver decides to ignore the problem in the hope that the symptoms of the pulling or the vibration will away, and as you drive they may seem to occasionally go away (just like in your spine, you say to yourself, “maybe it will go away” and sometimes it does).  The consequences of ignoring the problem are obvious.  Further ware and tear, and bigger problems down the road.  Ignoring a spine that is out of alignment causes more and more damage to your body until you cannot “drive” without serious problems.

Why do the tire symptoms go away?

Because the tires begin to accommodate the new alignment of the wheels and front end, they get out of round and the symptoms do stop (In the spine the discs begin to degenerate and your body experience neural fatigue.  Just like you get used to wearing glasses on your face or a watch on your wrist, the body gets used to having Subluxation.  Once the body gets used to Subluxation, the symptoms often  will be reduced, or seem to cease, without treatment). You then begin to notice some wear on your tires (Just like you would see damage to the disc on an x-ray) 

You could choose to ignore the problem or get the problem fixed.

So, you chose not to fix the problem, the tire continues to wear and now more problems being to occur like front end problems, shock problems and this becomes even more expensive. (If you ignore the Subluxation the spine and disc continue to degenerate and you end up with what is called Subluxation Degeneration which is commonly known as Degenerative Joint Disease or if symptomatic, is call Degenerative Arthritis, now the problem is even more expensive to introduce repair).

What about the more complex and potentially even more devastating effects?

The primary purpose of the spine is to protect the most vital and most critical system of the body, what is called the Central Nerve System (The brain and spinal cord).  The brain sends electrical messages down the spine, through the spinal cord to the nerves, which connects and controls every function of the body.  If this is hard to believe, think of Christopher Reeves.  If you recall he severed his spinal cord and through the miracles of modern medicine he did not die, but without a complete nerve system, he only survived 9 years and according to his he experienced what is termed, “Premature Aging”.  According to Drs Gerhart and Bergstrom they state that, “Long term spinal cord injuries, cause functional changes over time” that can be best described as premature aging.

Symptoms or not, the spine will degenerate (Do you get shorter or taller as we get older, this is due to loss of disc common with Subluxation) and ultimately affect the output of the nerves.  Symptoms like arms, hands, legs or feet numbness is quite common.

The nerve system is quite complex, one nerve does not control only one thing.

This is commonly seen when a patient has a heart attack, and they experience pain down into the arm.  Why; because they use the same nerve for dual function, that of the heart and arm.  Make sense?  So if Subluxation is left uncorrected over time, what do you think will happen?  Will the organs of the nerve connection become more health or less healthy?  So because the nerve system is involved in all functions of the body, they can have an impact on anything and everything of the body.

This is why wellness chiropractic care has such a far reaching affect.

There was a study done many years ago.  They were call the “Windsor autopsies” Dr. Henry Windsor dissected 75 human and 22 cat cadavers with the following results: “Two hundred and twenty one structures other that the spine was found diseased.  Of them 212 were observed to belong to the same sympathetic (nerve) segments of the vertebrae as the vertebrae in curvature (Subluxation) Nine diseased organs belonged to different sympathetic segments fro the vertebrae out of line.  More simply stated there was nearly 100% correlation minor curvatures (What we have been calling Subluxation) of the spine and disease of the internal organs.  This research study was performed back in 1921. So this information was known many years ago and is just a relevant today

There are two critical questions that we must address before the end of our discussion of Subluxation. 

  1. How do you know you have a Subluxation?
  2. How do you know your Subluxation is corrected?

There are quite a few tests that are used to determine the presence or absence of Subluxation but none as accurate as a “Structural X-ray”.

Why an x-ray?

To see if the spine is misaligned, and even more critical if follow up films to see if the job is completed.  If you have before and after x-rays you will be able to see the changes in the films, hence the name Corrective Chiropractic Care is used to find a chiropractor that is looking to correct, not simply manage the Subluxation.

What are structural x-rays?

These are films used to strategically place the patient to remove and artificial way of seeing a spine out of alignment.  An example would be to take and x-ray standing or sitting?  If the x-ray is taken standing how do you now if the problem you are seeing on the spinal x-ray is related to a problem in the spine or a problem of mechanics in the feet?  In other words, do you need a spinal correction or a foot correction with orthotics?  If you take a spinal x-ray seated, you remove the feet from the equation.  I hope this is making sense?  So structural x-ray is needed to make structural changes, and you will need follow up x-rays to see the changes.

Perhaps you have visited a chiropractor that says, “My hands are my x-rays”. 

The trouble here in most cases is that there are no objective findings to demonstrate the changes.  In most cases you rely on the chiropractor to tell you when the changes have been made and most times, you end up receiving care based upon symptoms and from what you have learned above, symptoms are not the best way to determine the presence or absence of a Subluxation.

Although Subluxation correction is crucial to success in the return of health, at Chiropractic Plus we deal with all aspects of your health including Nutrition programs, Fitness programs, Stress management programs, and Detoxification programs.  The goal of our office is not to treat any particular condition, but simply to insure your body is as healthy as it can possibly be.

So remember that when you are looking for a chiropractor make sure you use the following rules:

  1. They uses Corrective Chiropractic techniques
  2. They used objective criterion like x-rays to demonstrate changes
  3. They use home exercises to gain long term benefits
  4. They integrate other aspects of health development so you get a full spectrum health development strategy.

We proudly service Thornton, Westminster, Northglenn, Broomfield, Commerce City, and surrounding areas. Call our office for more information.

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