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Thornton chiropractor reviews brain gut connection

Brain, Gut and Immune System Directly linked Brain gut immunity is a new and upcoming.  Recent research is showing there is something substantial to it. The technical name of the field is called neuroimmunology, this field is comprised of neurology (nervous system) and immunology (immune system). The best positioned doctor to help change your neuroimmunology […]

Avoiding Grocery Traps

Supermarket traps: mind control to increase spending If you haven’t heard about this, you’ve been unconsciously getting duped and affected by the food manufactures.  Stores are the “middle man” in the equation and need to markup items to be more profitable.  Grocery traps are based on millions of dollars of consumer research and it’s not […]

Problems with the Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid is Upside Down? Do you think the food pyramid is contributing to disease in America?  You’re right!  Statistics across the US show that 1/3 Americas are in a healthy weight, 1/3 are overweight, and 1/3 are obese and beyond.  The largest growing segment is childhood obesity, which is scary because these children […]

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